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Hidden Scars
by Mike Donahue
Hidden Scars
It only takes one step in the right direction to build momentum. Picking up this book is a step. But understand this: this book is not another informative piece on cutting or an easy solution to the problem. If you're reading this, chances are you are struggling with cutting, or you know someone who is. There will be no judgment found in these pages. The last thing that someone who is cutting wants to hear is that what he or she is doing isunhealthy or wrong - they already know that.
What that person needs are answers--answers to the questions they are asking.

If cutting is wrong, then why does it work sometimes?

I know it’s not healthy, but what else am I supposed to do?

Who can help me because I don’t trust anyone anymore?

In this book are answers to the real questions being asked, and solutions to problems that often seem unsolvable. This book will reveal the underlying issues, and unmask the truth that can so often be disguised. Recognizing the issue of cutting is a great first step, but beating the issue takes wrapping your hands around the right mechanism. Until now, holding a tool in your hand might mean you are thinking about the decision to cut. By purchasing this book, you are holding in your hand the right tool, and the proper mechanism to answer your questions, solve your issue with cutting, and heal your hidden scars.

$10.00 per copy

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