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Mike Donahue
Mike Donahue is the executive director and founder of Omaha, NE based R5 Productions, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reaching out and enriching the lives of young people.

Mike Donahue has spoken to more than a million students through the last decade. He has spent the last 25 years working hand in hand with young people all over the world; helping them find purpose and define themselves, as they navigate the often difficult transition from child to adult.

In addition to traveling the United States, Asia, South American and Europe speaking to young people, Mike has authored three books: Reinventing My Normal, Hidden Scars, and Talking to Brick Walls. His goal is to equip and power young people with the necessary tools to be the change that they want to see in the world.

Mike is one of the most sought after speakers in the country on the subject of respect, bullying, and diversity. His candid style and authentic persona keep the students engaged right from the first words.

Mike hails from Boston MA, was a member of the United States Air Force and began his career as a youth director and youth pastor in Rockford, IL; Denver, CO and Bellevue NE. He is the father of four children, his oldest following in his footsteps serving in the US Air Force.

Mike says his life mission is to help young people find the answer that is already inside of them. And, to help them find the courage to face whatever it is that is holding them back from experiencing greatness.
Andre Anderson
Andre Anderson is an energetic speaker with a desire for the youth of america to live a dynamic and empowered life. Andre has been doing motivational speaking for 8 years and has told his story to over a half million students all over the country.

He presents a message of overcoming adversity and hope that audiences of all ages can connect with. His unique style, that blends comedy with a genuine realness, connects with people of all different walks of life as he challenges people to live up to their fullest potential. He loves his wife and Coffee.
Steve Hays
Steve Hays has over 20 years of experience speaking to youth of all ages. He has a great desire to see kids break free from self-esteem issues and incorrect thinking. He uses his innate ability to communicate this freedom through humor and connectivity with students. As the father of three boys who are in grade school through high school, Steve is committed to seeing kids, like his own, free from the constraints that life throws at them.

Steve lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children. He loves to golf, spend time with his family and drink Sweet Tea from McDonald's.
Ryan Schwaninger
Ryan Schwaninger is a dynamic international motivational speaker with a desire to see today's students live an empowered life aimed towards their dreams. He has worked with students in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand since R5 Productions' inception. Over the last 12 years, Ryan has spoken to thousands of students all over the world.

His goal is to equip and empower students with the necessary tools to live to their fullest potential by using an education yet relevant message. Ryan uses his personal story, combined with video and humor, to challenge the audience to live to their full potential and dreams. Ryan loves spending time with his wife and family along with being a DJ.
Dan Matlock
Dan Matlock has been traveling and speaking in schools since he was 18 years old. Over the past 10 years, Dan has had the opportunity to speak with over 250,000 students across the country. Dan is a dynamic speaker that uses humor and a conversational style to effectively communicate the truths that exist in life. His goal is to see young people fulfill the potential in their lives and live out their dreams with passion.

Dan lives in Rockford, IL with his wife and 2 children. He enjoys playing sports, watching the Packers win, and riding his motorcycle.
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